Workers must now learn new skills to remain employable in a competitive job market.

The workforce is moving to freelance, flexible and remote work options, where work can be performed any place, at any time.

Are you faced with any of these dilemmas?

Difficulty obtaining full-time work?

Skills are not suitable for the global marketplace?

Current salary is not keeping up with cost of living?

Stuck in a dead-end job with no career progression?

Real wages have been falling for decades

Against a backdrop of increasing outsourcing and automation in workplaces, many workers are lower wages once adjusted for rises in cost of living. The dream of homeownership and a comfortable retirement seems out of reach for many, particularly younger generations. With an increasing urgency to generate more income, many individuals are looking to the ‘gig’ economy to subsidise their lifestyle. Many professionals due to lack of job security and flat wages are considering the self-employment route, joining the growing number of freelancers. Many people are wondering if it’s possible to have stability being self-employed, pay a regular wage, and still create the work/life balance that suits their lifestyle and needs?

How we can help

Work where you want, when you want

Show you how to create a work environment that fits into your lifestyle without becoming isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Transition well to freelance and contract work with minimal disruption to your lifestyle after work hours. Deliver more for less and demonstrate value to clients through providing a superior skill set to in-house staff. Learn how to have a greater control over your career and not compromise your income.

Learn new skills and systems that help you earn more money

Boost your productivity through online systems that cut out menial tasks and help you manage more clients. Manage workflow effectively using advanced project management systems that will give you the capacity to take on more clients and earn more money. Strengthen your marketing and improve your targeting of potential clients by better profiling the market using online data.

Manage fluctuation in income levels

Managing cashflow is one of the biggest challenges of becoming self-employed but there are strategies you can put in place so that you can plan, pay bills and go on the occasional holiday. Learn how to pay yourself a regular income while facing fluctuations in business revenue. Create the business structure that is best suited for self-employment and your bottom-line is improved.

The New Economy