Navigating the challenges of the new economy.

How to remain competitive in a highly connected, globalised and digital marketplace.

Our Story

We are a group of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who have taken the journey over the last few years of reforming the way we work and live, adjusting to the speed of technological change and increased overseas competition.
The economy has fundamentally changed since the GFC hit in 2008. There are now more contractors, less home ownership, changed consumer habits and a greater uncertainty of the future. At The New Economy, we help businesses and individuals can come out stronger after the transition if you understand new trends and how to position yourself with a business model that is flexible and capitalises on all the opportunities available.




Learn to redesign business processes to achieve greater savings through automating processes.


Learning to rapidly upskill and adapt your business model so you can compete with industry disruptors and able to compete with others.

Cloud Management

Access the efficiencies through storing data in the cloud, working anywhere at anytime.

Data Analytics

Utilising the power of Google and Facebook, better target markets, changing your service and product offering where needed.

Financial Freedom

Learn the keys to managing cash flow and managing debt, minimising the impact of a downturn on the economy on your finances.

Marketing & Communications

Ensure a constant flow of customers by implementing a client acquisition machine

Outsourcing and Crowdsourcing

Find the best person for the job by tapping into a mobile workforce.

Strategic Partnerships

Form partnerships with other businesses and highly skilled individuals to expand your customer database.

The New Economy